We read to learn.

Learning is earning and we are making it easier.


Whatever I know and you ask will be put here ASAP, after required amount of research , this is how I intend to educate and get educated.


Wherever I travel, I will share that with you, and would love to know what you did on your last trip.

Mental well being

This is something very close to my heart. I wish to help every last person who feels out of place due to some reason.

How I plan to do that?

  • a little chit chat
  • tracing the problem
  • chalk out a plan to follow
  • and then getting better together.

Books review

One chamber of my heart is all for books only. So I would love to tell you how much “A Book” touched me, and what can you expect from it. And in return I would appreciate if you can also recommend some good ones.

List of some books that I’ve read:-

  1. The fault in our stars.
  2. The Alchemist.
  3. Looking for Alaska
  4. The Adultery
  5. The Shiva trilogy
    • The immortals of Meluha
    • The secret of the Nagas
    • The Oath of the Vayuputras


We intend grow like ginger, neither in one direction nor to a certain limit.

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