10 Things to do in Shimla/Guide to Shimla/2022

 Shimla is a very famous hill station in nothern India, honeymoon destination for newly weds (temp-0-20C, round the calendar), and one of the most visited places  in India and rightly so, because it’s beauty is unparalleled and it offers variety of tourist attractions, which we are going to discuss from head to tail.

Snowfall timing:- Starts late november and lasts through february.

Fun fact:– You won’t find fans in hotel rooms in Shimla.

1.How to reach?

By road– Delhi-shimla~359 km, A volvo/ordinary  bus can be taken from Kashmiri gate, fare for ordinary bus-531Rs and volvo bus-750Rs can vary according to the season and the occasion.

By train– Delhi-Kalka~272km, Kalka- Shimla~96km (Toy train), A train ticket can be booked from Old Delhi railway station (DLI) to Kalka and then a toy train from Kalka to Shimla. (it’ll be one hell of a experience that you’re not gonna forget till last breath.)

By Aeroplane– Nearest airport is Chandigarh airport, after which you can take a bus to the Shimla.

2. The Ridge

When you see a beautiful open space, with Huge Indian flag swirling under which Gandhi ji’s statue is placed. Just know that you’ve reached the most beautiful spot of Shimla- The Ridge.

3. Christ’s church

Just behind the statue is the Christ’s Church, which welcomes every tourist coming to shimla with it’s beautiful sight and rich history. (0kms from The Ridge)

4. Jakhoo Temple-Hanuman Temple

Even before entering the shimla one can see saffron dot shining on the green canvas, that is the ancient Hanuman Temple.It is situated at shimla’s highest peak (8054 ft), around 2.5km east to the ridge, It can be reached by a ropeway with the beautiful view of the Shimla city. Jakhoo temple

Ropeway Charges– oneway-295Rs, Twoway-500Rs (you will never forget the aerial view of the shimla city)

Stairs are also present, if one can afford to trade energy for natural beauty at it’s best.

5. Food Places

There are places in shimla that will get you licking your fingers, like literally. You’ve got to try these places, Some of which are:-

  • Trishool Bakers
  • Hideout café
  • Sita ram & sons
  • Gupta ji ke chole bhature.

6.Hotels/ Places to stay

Some Hotels that I’ve been in, and are quite recommended:-

  • Sidhowal lodge (lakkar bazaar)-only available in offline mode
  • Florence hotel

 Holiday homes, are the best option  for Defence personnels and their families, as they offer the best accommodation with minimal prices. 

Home stays are other cheaper options as compared to the hotels, they do the job.

7.Green Valley

One of the most dense forests in the Asia, so green that you just wanna be herbivore. And so breath taking that cures Asthma at one go. Almost makes you forget Delhi. Green Valley point details

8.Scandal Point

Nothing is more scandalous than this point in the whole of shimla, so scandalous that even supreme court is scared.

Fun fact– It’s just a monument built, with an interesting history class story.

9.Johnnie’s wax museum

You will find it quite amusing. As it houses celebrities, political figures, hollywood celebrities and whatnot. Have a visit to find out. Johnnie’s wax museum


You will find almost everything  exquisite here. It’s unique in every possible way like you will find the most beautiful Souvenirs here only. Some of the famous shopping places are.

Official website for Shimla tourism:-


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